Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fair Warning

We also know how to field dress a carcass.


Anonymous said...

all those country boys who can survive that Hank Jr. sang about are out there...and they know.....

vaquero viejo

hiswiserangel said...

common cents,
You need to email me to introduce yourself.
All the people I link, I know personally.
I have no idea who you are, and linking to you
is giving you my personal endorsement.
I've put the link on my sidebar, if I don't hear
from you in a few days, I'll take it down.


Anonymous said...


Unclezip said...

I make a habit of carrying a machete, a double-bit ax, and a shovel in my truck. Never know when an argument might break out.

B said...

And I own a backhoe.

I CAN make you disappear.

Just sayin'