Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Idea

Filled with humor, history and iconic images, Full Metal Coloring appeals to military, veterans, shooting sports athletes and hunters. Amusing quotes by Aristotle, Walter Cronkite, Wyatt Earp and more! Shooting tips by Jerry Miculek, Brian Zins, Jim Henderson and more! Images of the world's greatest shooters, Julie Golob, Sandra & Eric Uptagrafft, Dustin Ellerman, Randi Rogers and more! Featuring coloring pages for Tom Gresham of GunTalk and Michael Waddell of Bone Collector.


Anonymous said...

they print anything these days

more human humor?


Anonymous said...

damn, that is one COOL coloring book! My grandson wants one whether he knows it or not.....

vaquero viejo