Sunday, August 28, 2016

True confessions of a working mom

I have no doubt that parents everywhere of both sexes have resorted
to this and worse to get the kids to school.
Week 1, and no problems.


Anonymous said...

Me "you want to watch paw patrol on you tube this afternoon?" grandson "yesss sir" Me "get your backpack and get in the car"....done deal....

vaquero viejo

Granny said...

Get in the car or walk, your choice. Bribes will come back and bite you in the ass.
Getting the little monsters to do anything is always a challenge. Hang in there, take it from me, you will miss them when they finally leave the nest.
The quiet, the peace, the time to actually do thing that interest you. Kowabonga.

Bogdaddy said...

My father told me the tale about how his mother took care of the dreaded Monday morning 'stomach ache' that tends to be epidemic among school kids. She would send the poor, suffering child out to the chicken coop with a spoon with the instruction to scoop up the white part of chicken poop, bring it back to the house where he or she was to eat it. wonderfully to cure belly-aches!

Judy said...

Because I was an Evil Mom my children were happy to go to school.
A) If you weren't sick during the night, put your glad-rags on, get in car. In the adult world, the boss doesn't give a 'rat's patootie' about how you feel. Be there.
B) If you were sick during the night; you will spend the day in bed, in a darkened room, resting and allowing your body to heal with a glass of ginger ale.
C) I don't do mornings well. Enough said.