Monday, October 12, 2015


When Teen Queen was about 8, we had a mother-daughter bonding experience. She'd lost all words, spoken communication, shortly after turning 2. It took 4 years of extensive speech therapy to get back half of what she lost. But sometime around 1st grade, the floodgates opened, and she started talking in simple sentences.

One afternoon, I was working in the kitchen and she and Baby Queen were watching The Little Mermaid. I was suddenly aware of little eyes on me, and turned around to see TQ standing behind me staring at me. I asked her if she needed anything, no response. Was she hungry? Thirsty? Nothing.

Suddenly, she turned and ran into her bedroom, shutting the door. I went back to the dishes, listening to BQ giggle at the movie. Again, the feeling of eyes on me. I turn around and TQ took my hand and placed something in it. She took a deep breath, and said haltingly, "I love you, mom." Tears sprang to my eyes as I sank to my knees gathering her in for a rare hug. "I love you too, baby."

She pulled away and ran back to watch the movie. I stood up and looked in my hand to find Ariel's little red head staring lifelessly up at me. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

I think you are awesome....and I humbly respect what you do for your queens.

bison guy

show me one socialist success in world history said...

Ditto, Angel. God Bless You and your little ones. This little story is the stuff that will put a smile on your face for the rest of your life. Congrats on that moment.

Rob said...

When I got married the second time she had 2 daughters, 3 & 5.
Imagine my surprise when I went into the bathroom one morning to take a shower and there were all those headless dolls in the tub..

john said...

that head must have been her most treasured item