Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why I don't have cats


John Smith said...

How I wish I was cat and that was you.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Cat says....Somebody said there was a pussy in here?

bison guy

Adam Selene said...

Close the door?

JeremyR said...

Its called a CAT scan. Finds all sorts of crazy problems. Be glad you don't have testicles, cats love things that dangle and sway.

Anonymous said...

Give that cat a bath one time and you won't have that problem no more.

Anonymous said...


New friend for Angel :)


Robert Fowler said...

Anonymous said...
Give that cat a bath one time and you won't have that problem no more.

Yeah. I had a cat that loved baths. He would get up on the sink and try to turn the water on.

Unknown said...

It looks nothing like me..

Anonymous said...

We probably have different methods of giving a cat a bath. My method leans heavily toward MY safety.

1. Clean toilet.
2. Add cat shampoo to toilet bowl.
3. Open the closest door to the bathroom that leads outside.
4. Open all other doors between toilet and door leading outside.
5. Catch the cat.
6. Throw cat in toilet bowl and close lid quickly.
7. Allow cat to thrash around for several minutes.
8. Rinse cat by flushing toilet several times.
9. Place your body on the side of the toilet opposite the door.
10. Open lid quickly and let the cat out.

The cat will dry and groom itself. Do not use this method in the winter unless you want kitty to use up one of his lives. Cat will stay away for several days but don't worry....it's for your own safety so that kitty won't have to eviscerate you in your sleep.

I have a method for winter bathing but you'll have to put up with kitty bouncing off the walls and hissing at you every time you walk by him for about a week. You also have to close and lock your bedroom door at night for your own safety until kitty quits hissing at you.

Anonymous said...

cat "interesting, humans are pink(or black or brown), and mostly hairless....i understand they need a locator marker during mating...this one may not get bred"