Sunday, October 18, 2015

Founding Father, Roger Sherman

Sometimes we forget there were


pigpen51 said...

I choose to believe that there are still enough men and women around like this to return this country of ours to the greatness she once was, and is meant to be.

I only hope that i am around that long to witness the turning around of America. That would mean that now, at age 55, we have at a reasonable estimate, 20 years left to see the great turning around.I don't think we have many more election cycles to go before it either happens, or it becomes too late for that to happens.

God help us all.

Chris Mallory said...

We can thank immigration, starting in the 1840s, for destroying that nation left to us by the Founders. Shutting the borders in 1800 would have been the best thing for those of us who are the Founder's posterity.

Anonymous said...

I am a driect descendant of a Signer....John Hart. He ended up losing it, farm, etc.

It troubles me greatly to see what we have become as a nation....when he sacrificed it all for the birth of our country.

Bison guy