Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'll just be over here measuring and shit


Anonymous said...

Taking up fashion design now?
Fairgate 12-112

Anonymous said...

So I look up French Curve (it really is one) and find this:
Who knew.
Terry again.

Anonymous said...

I used those eons ago when drafting was manually done vs. today's CAD (computer aided drafting). It was a real craft back then and a pretty good physical workout, standing over a desk and drawing lines without staining the vellum underneath. The French Curve was used to draw leaders (lines pointing to objects from notated text).

Alas, no more for the most part. Much faster to do by computer, but it takes only the knowledge, not the craft. I know (who gives a shit about craft - I want it now!) but I took pride in doing that back then.

HeroHog said...

See? That IS where ya measure from! I told ya I was a 9!