Tuesday, April 19, 2016

For all the Aggies out there

My blog seems to attract them like 
UT students to a Bernie Sanders rally. 
This is seriously cool. Or hot. Whatever.


Luther Wu said...

Aggies? Does this mean- no Aggie joakes?

hiswiserangel said...

"joakes"?! Did you graduate from OU?
Aggies tell the best Aggie jokes.

Did you hear about the Aggie who moved to Oklahoma?
Raised the IQ of both states.

Anonymous said...

The very BEST Aggie jokes come from A&M. Aggies are not afraid of having fun. UT? Not so much. Bunch of little sissies.

Best one that I've heard (from an Aggie, of course - I am an Aggie in Spirit, although I went to that little tech-school in Cambridge Mass):

Did you hear that A&M got 50 septic tanks! And as soon as they learn how to drive them, they're going to attack UT!

I love Aggie jokes.

Question: What do you call an A&M graduate?

Answer: Boss

wirecutter said...

The reason you attract aggies is because your blog has lots of pictures.

hiswiserangel said...

Being an Okie, I imagine you have to get Miss Lisa to read the words to you.

Anonymous said...

So, a good many years ago, and Aggie was running for President,and the press was grilling him.....

"what do you think about LSD?"
"Best President we ever had"
"what about the abortion bill?"
"If we owe it,we should pay it"
"what about the Iranian position?"
"I like it fine...but it burns my wife's knees"

vaquero viejo (class of '72)

Granny said...

Hey there Texas Ron, my Aggie friend here in Oz. His partner didn't understand what I was talking about with the endless Aggie jokes. She gets it now.

Unknown said...

Nice. Just because folks make fun of us, don't mean we care. I'm laughing, all the way to the bank.....