Friday, April 1, 2016

Update on the Angel household

We are down.

Baby Queen, aka Patient Zero, came home Monday with a stuffy nose, coughed twice and was basically over it. I came down Tuesday, Teen Queen got it Wednesday, and we're still battling.

Had to take TQ to the doctor this morning, she's always had trouble with respiratory ick. Last night, labored breathing, deep wet racking coughs, spiked a 101.8 fever. This morning, she was diagnosed with acute bronchitis, laryngitis, upper respiratory infection and and ear infection. From a cough and sniffles Wednesday morning, to the Plague today. She got two shots in her bum, antibiotics and a round of breathing treatments. Dr. Janet took one look at me and gave me a shot and a chewing out. Apparently, I'm supposed to take better care of myself. Who knew?

Have you seen the needles they use for butt shots? Good God, I saw the one TQ got before Dr. Janet went after me. It was huge. That should tell you how bad we both felt. Neither one of us protested.

Got four weeks to Prom. TQ's last prom. I've got to get her healthy and keep her that way.


Lady Grey said...

Angel, hope you and the girls don't have the crap going around the rest of the South, it hangs on for weeks. Hope you feel better soon. TQ will get to the prom, just so you can stay up all night pacing the floor!

drjim said...

The crud that hit me lasted about two weeks.

First week was a horrible cough, second week it hit me in the stomach.

Finally over it, but it took another week to start feeling OK.

Anonymous said...

this ol sinner is sending up spiritual sos signals to THE ONE, so couple that with modern chemicals and you will both be well soon..(or so says my script).....

vaquero viejo

Unclezip said...

I've always hated needles. Started when I was a kid doing international trips. The last one was the worst. A couple of years ago I had some kind of torture done to my neck, and the last thing I saw before I went under was a needle they said was *only* 14 inches long, which they were going to use to reach a vertebrae. Never more, I say.

Granny said...

Arrrgh! We all have our phobias but needles are mine. Hate them, and as a woman I seem to have collected my share of "Jaba".
Poor little Teen Queen, I hope she kicks this.
Why should she escape the humiliation of your average Prom? Spotty boys with an overload of testosterone, a complete lack of empathy and only look at your little fledgling as meat. Oh joy.
If she misses that, life just did her a favor.

Mark J said...

Sending positive vibes to you and the girls...get well soon!