Saturday, April 30, 2016


I haven't posted much about the meeting with Wirecutter and Miss Lisa, mostly because I'm still recovering. What a whirlwind trip! So much to do, so little time to do it and we still missed quite a bit. WC missed the first class Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum on the campus of WTAMU. I would have bet money the curators would have tried to put him back in one of the Old West displays. I would have loved to have taken them into Palo Duro Canyon for some treasure hunting (there are still bits and drabs of Alibates flint treasures to be found if you're game to go a ways off the beaten path.) A trip to the actual Alibates flint quarries on the Canadian river then a quick jaunt to the site of Adobe Walls would have been on the agenda. The Second Battle of Adobe Walls saw the famous long-distance shot by Billy Dixon. There's not much to see at the ruins, but you can definitely feel the ghosts of the battle. Shopping on Historic 6th Street (Route 66) in Amarillo, and steaks at Youngblood's Cafe. We packed as much as we could into three days, but there never is enough time.

We did manage to knock off a Bucket List item for both Miss Lisa and myself, ziplining across Palo Duro Canyon (just a 1/4 mile wide finger, but still breathtaking). The young lady who checked us in and fitted us with the equipment told us the fluorescent wrist bands were to help find the bodies at the bottom of the Canyon if anything went wrong. Bless her heart. Mom and Miss Lisa and I had lunch and shopping while Poppy, WC and the pups chilled at the old casa. I think they had as good a time dude bonding as we did female bonding. Mom and Poppy just love the Lanes; story of my life, my folks always like my friends better. We finally got down to taking some pics the last morning, before they headed east, but didn't get any pics of them with the folks. Dammit! Y'all are going to have to come back for a week or so!

Miss Lisa asked me to run  the pics by her for approval, something about extra chins. But you know what? My hair looked like I'd escaped from an asylum after shock therapy, I have extra chins, bumps and fat rolls, and WC doesn't have an ass. We're all beautiful disasters. So here's what I had on my camera:

Sorry, Miss Lisa, all I see is Strong Woman!
The hint of a smile.

That's as big a smile as you're gonna get!

CGD looking for a place to pee.
And finding it.

There is so much that still needs to be seen and so many things left to say, but as I told Miss Lisa before she got in the truck, this isn't goodbye, it's see ya later!


Irish said...

Glad you all had a great visit. :-)

wirecutter said...

We had a FANTASTIC time with you and can't wait til we meet again.

Unknown said...

We did have a GREAT time! Just NOT enough of it!

pigpen51 said...

One thing, Angel, you should consider changing this picture for your profile picture. You are much prettier now. Just sayin. Not that your other picture is not nice as well. Oh, shit, now I hope you don't think I am judging. Somebody help.

hiswiserangel said...

Which one? The one with the 3 of us?

drjim said...

And a wonderful time was had by all.

My wife is a ziplining fiend.

If you can zipline it, she'll go there!

Anonymous said...

I also heartily recommend the Adobe Walls battle site. Years ago the oldest daughter and I camped there over night. You could feel the ghosts.


Anonymous said...

Wise Angel One, thanks so much for sharing part of the visit...really wish I could have met them while they were up this way...Ms Lisa and WC,(and Wise Angel One), WHEN you come back, the eats at Youngbloods or Green Chili Willy's (or both) are on ME!!

vaquero viejo

Mark J said...

All of you look great, glad a wonderful time was had by all.

Granny said...

Does WC have a cover for his truck bed? I worry about people knocking off his stuff, unless he's sleeping in the truck with CGD, then it's open season.

Unknown said...

He unloaded the truck every night Granny...except the three we stayed in Texas....he got a break then. But yeah...poor guy, and never let me help!