Friday, April 29, 2016

The guilt is overwhelming

All the time I got to spend with Wirecutter and Miss Lisa was wonderful. But that meant I also spent time with CGD and Lucy. And you simply cannot spend time with those two with out snuggles and scratchies and tons of dog hair. I'd come home covered in it.

The first day I brought Max with me, but he stayed with Mom and Poppy while I went running around with the Lanes and Co. The very brief time I brought him out to meet CGD and Lucy was full of growls and male dominant puffery. From Max, not CGD. Lucy was also a bit of a bitch, but that's her prerogative. CGD was curious and sniffing and wanting to say hi. Max was growly and barky and wanting to tear into something. My little terrier-ist. So after that, when I went to visit, Max stayed home. Pissed him off ten ways to Sunday. He hates being left behind, but bad behavior will not be rewarded (we're still in Doggy Training because Max is so strong willed).

So I'd go spend time with wc and Miss Lisa and come home smelling like CGD and Lucy. And Max did not approve. He'd huff and snort, give me the cold shoulder, look at me with big sad brown eyes very disapprovingly, and at night when I put my clothes in the hamper, he'd pull them out and pee on them. Take that, you other dog loving slut! He refused to sleep on the bed, preferring his dog bed on the floor. Wouldn't let me rub his belly, wouldn't let me scratch his ears. He finally softened his heart Wednesday, after I stayed home all day, took him for walkies, and washed my slutty clothes of all the other dog scent. Today he's back to my sweet, loving terrier-ist, sleeping on the couch next to me, softly snoring.


Unknown said...

You are so funny! Cheater, cheater, biscuit feeder! How dare you go home smelling like Charlie~ For SHAME! Noticed something else in this post to....wanna talk? : P

B said...

Yeah, I had a girlfriend that acted just like that.
Never could figure out her issue.

millerized said...

Figured Max was a woman from 'that' description.

Anonymous said...

best I can tell, saying Max is strong willed is like saying 'Dolf Hitler had an ego....

vaquero viejo