Friday, April 8, 2016

When your mom has Tourettes


Irish said...

That's been around for 2 years.

Check out thd post date on that. :-)

wirecutter said...

Oh man, TS people are more fun than midgets.

Anonymous said...

an apocryphal story from your own backyard, Wise Angel One, has a member of one famous clan called "MARSH" merging in matrimony with a descendant of another called "Coon"...both sides noted for eccentricity. In due time, the couple produced an offspring,and, under considerable pressure from relatives to recognize both sides of the family tree, ended up shooting a defiant finger to their ancestors and named the unfortunate child "SWAMP NIGGER".....or so goes the story. Moral being,leave new parents the hell alone in naming progeny, and maybe you won't be embarrassed!!