Saturday, April 9, 2016

Haruka Weiser was as much a victim of Liberalism

I've been stewing on this all week, and the more I think about it, the madder I get. Liberal ideology got an 18-year-old girl killed last weekend. Most of you have probably seen or heard news reports about the murder of a University of Texas co-ed Saturday night. If not, here's a quick rundown:

  1.  Haruka Weiser was a first year theater-dance major at the University of Texas, Austin.
  2. Weiser left the rehearsal hall Sunday evening and her body was found Tuesday morning in a creek bed on the campus.
  3. A 17-year-old African-American Son of Obama was charged with 1st degree murder in her death. The defendant has been in the foster care and juvenile corrections systems most of his life.
Looking at the perpetrator, you can expect bleeding hearts to blame the system and not the person who committed the act. Weiser wasn't murdered because her attacker was a black man; plenty of black men live their whole lives without committing a crime. Weiser wasn't murdered because her attacker had been a foster child. Numerous foster children grow up to be stable and productive citizens. Weiser died because of a perfect storm. She was a naive and unprepared young woman who crossed paths with Evil on a Liberal college campus that promoted tolerance and fostered victimhood. She was basically set up.

Now, looking at the victim, one can make certain assumptions. Haruka Weiser was a dancer, so assume she was slight of stature. Most serious dancers will be around 5 foot nothing and weigh at or under 100 pounds. Her attacker is a healthy young man, probably around 6 feet and 180-200 pounds. Easily overpowering. She was from an upper middle class family from Oregon. Most likely raised in a liberal household that would have trained her to see all African-American males as victims of white privilege and not an overt threat to her existence. This family, more than likely would not only have not trained her to defend herself, but would have taught her to shun her natural instincts of survival, seeing them as racist and wrong-minded. Even if Ms. Weiser had been licensed to carry a weapon, and since Texas made it legal to carry concealed on state university campuses, University of Texas (being the Flagship of Liberal Idiocy in Texas) ruled against allowing their legally licensed students to conceal carry on their campuses. So even if she'd been licensed, she probably wouldn't have been carrying. Some people don't question authority when it comes to their well-being, trusting The Powers That Be to keep them safe from Evil. (The number of times I said "licensed" should be a clue that I believe in Constitutional Carry. The 2nd Amendment should be more than enough.)

But that didn't help Ms. Weiser. A very young, naive and unprepared woman crossed paths with Evil in an environment she was brainwashed to believe would keep her safe. I hold Liberalism almost as responsible for her death as I do her attacker. I believe, if the environment she grew up in and inhabited in Austin had been a little less "enlightened" and more realistic, she might have had more of a chance. Twenty-twenty hindsight will drive you crazy. Would she still be alive if she'd been trained in self-defense emphasizing situational awareness? I don't know. Would she still be alive if she'd been trained to handle a weapon and was not only ready to use it, but convinced it was HER GOD GIVEN RIGHT to use it to defend herself? I don't know that either. What I do know is that both of those things and the support of women to defend themselves instead of being sobbing peeing victims would have maybe tipped the scales in her favor. But we'll never know, and that's a big part of the tragedy.

Why am I pouring this out to you, my faithful readers, whom I believe to be very staunch supporters of a woman's right to self-defense? Why am I "preaching to the choir"? Mostly because I hope, using several key words, some Liberals will stumble upon this post and read it. Most will blow it off as being Right Wing Hate Speech, but somewhere out there, someone may stop and think. Someone may have a change of heart. Someone, somewhere, might seek out self-defense classes, defensive handgun classes, arm themselves mentally and physically, and be able to stop or survive another attack. Because Evil exists, it walks among us, and it doesn't respect tolerance, but it does respect a .45 ACP slug.

Be careful out there and know I'm praying for you,




Anonymous said...

what about mace?

hiswiserangel said...

What about mace? She still would have had to overcome a lifetime of indoctrination that black men are victims and not to ever ever be feared. She left a campus building alone at night to walk across the campus. Alone. At night. Lack of situational awareness married with tolerance and naivete, pepper spray would have been useless. You have to start with the mind in order to effectively use weapons. Personally, I trust my 1911 more than I trust someone's reaction to pepper spray.

Anonymous said...

Liberals who do see this, be your own "10th Man" and consider the possibility that your own ideology causes more violence than it solves, because it does and the events described WiserAngel's post are a direct result of policies born of said ideology.

Max Brooks, of World War Z fame, is a pretty liberal guy, but he sure nailed it when it comes to critical thinking.

drjim said...

How very sad.

And very preventable....

Granny said...

Hear Hear Angel, well said.
As a mother of two girls, it's clear how that story would strike fear into the hearts of any mother. Protect your babies is as old as time and super cedes any laws written by man.
As for playing the race card or the improper toilet training excuse, I say bollocks! If an animal attacks your child and kills it, you don't waste any time worrying about motivation, or attitude. You just fucking kill the bastard.
We are starting to get trickles of that sort of namby pamby thinking here in Australia, and women are being killed every day because they are naive enough to think it won't happen to them. Arrgh! It just makes me sick.

Jesse in DC said...

I cannot really comment on this without offending people, and frankly, there are a bunch of nice people that hang out here...
Teach your children this, Stay Alert, Stay Alive.

Anonymous said...

Angel, you are spot on regarding the 'liberal' mindset. I do have to point out that the victim in this tragedy would still be defenseless for 2 reasons. 1) She was only 18 so by current federal law could not own/possess a handgun. 2) The Texas Campus Carry law does NOT go into effect until August. Two strikes against her - and thousands of other university students who are similarly constrained. Perhaps that should be changed. Unfortunately that in and of itself has nothing to do with her (and many, many others) preconceived perceptions. All around a totally sad & probably preventable situation. Could she and should she have requested an escort, probably so........

OTB MCPO sends

Anonymous said...

Self defense is shunned by liberals and Obama with his liberal minions have made black on white crime seem like it's legal. It is a shame but no liberal will ever serve a day in jail for all the lives their ideology has taken.

hiswiserangel said...

OTB MCPO, I carried concealed from the moment I stepped on campus at the age of 18. Why? Because my dad taught me it was better to be alive than to follow stupid laws.

Jesse in DC said...

Exactly. No Politician, no LEO, no fucking words on paper can take your God Given right to protect yourself away. Absent the right to remain alive what is the point of any other rights or laws? The Second Amendment says "The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." Period. Nothing about being 18, or 21, or by god having to beg the State for a permission slip. Enough is quite enough. Time to take our country back,stop putting up with this crap.

JeremyR said...

Situational awareness. If you make it a habit, people won't notice you looking around. Peripheral vision is important, and once you learn to use it, you never have to look at people and have them notice.
There is one particular asshole in my area that I occasionally see. Last week I was getting fuel when he pulled up two pumps down. I noticed him before he got out of his vehicle. He filled his tank and was filling some fuel cans before he noticed me. At that point he ducked behind his truck and was watching me through the gap between his rear hatch and the body. As far as he could tell, I never "saw" him.
Situational awareness, peripheral vision, constant preparation. Had it been needed, there was a hand gun with in reach ready to go. It was not needed. This guy is too chickenshit to try anything direct. He is the sort who slashes tires, puts things in gas tanks, crap like that.

North Texan said...

Cause if they are worth macing, they are worth shooting.

Unknown said...


wirecutter said...

Sic 'em.

Anonymous said...

you have said it all and said it well....and thanks again FOR SAYING IT LOUD!!!!

vaquero viejo

Livin to Ride said...

like Miss Lisa sez EXCELLENT POST..

in fact it was so good i just decided i am going to take a friend shopping to find something that fits her hand.. hell i'll pay for
it if she don't have the cash..
she wants my edc but it's to big for her..

the Sour Kraut said...

Well said, Angel

Damn well said

Chris Mallory said...

I hate to blame the victim, but in her case she made a couple of mistakes.

It has been reported that while she was walking, she was paying more attention to her phone than she was her surroundings.

Also, there is this:

She voluntarily walked to the slaughter.

Chris Mallory said...

"1) She was only 18 so by current federal law could not own/possess a handgun."

This is false. Federal law prohibits a person under the age of 21 from buying a handgun from a licensed dealer. 18 U.S.C. § 922(x)(1), (5) says that a private citizen cannot sell a handgun to a person under the age of 18
Texas law, to the best of my ability to look up, allows 18 year olds to buy and possess handguns. Texas law may not allow 18 year olds to carry the handgun, but they are allowed to buy them.

Unclezip said...

I have two grand girls in university, and don't worry too much. Older one is a trained cage fighter, and younger one has that look that makes you want to go around her, pretty as she is.

The liberals in Portland are beside themselves trying to get their tiny little minds around this tragedy. They know, deep down, that it's their fault, but cannot and will not admit it.

timbo said...

It is noble to attempt to sway people to your line of thinking.
If you change even one person, it's worth it.

Last week I watched a video of a debate where, much to my astonishment, a lot of leftist fools saw some light!
I didn't think it was possible.
If you can spare the time, this is a great example of the brilliance, and passion, of Mark Steyn.
Search "Steyn Munk Debate"
It's a debate about muslim immigration. A hefty number of the audience changed their minds after hearing some truth.

rickn8or said...

Excellent post indeed.

And I've been of the "It's far better to get caught with one than without one" mindset for a long time.

Now if I could only convince my "five-foot nothing" ex-Georgia d-i-l of the same thng... (I've given up on my "five-foot something" current California d-i-l; not only is she native Californian living in Alameda County, she's a Public Defender and a skosh bit liberal. Good cook though...)

Jeffery in Alabama said...

Tell it sister, and tell it all!I believe it is way past time to stop locking these animals in a cage and hoping for rehabilitation. Hangings on courthouse squares would be a huge deterrent and save taxpayers a lot of money.

Unknown said...

Screw mace. If something (your life) is worth fighting for , it has to be all out, no holds barred. Go for the kill. Be the victor, not the victim

AbbyS said...

Bravo! Well said. Now if they would just LISTEN!!


Volfram said...

Firearms license? I'm sure you meant "Birth certificte."

I once told my sister that if concealed-carry on campus was banned, she should carry illegally. I'd rather visit her in prison than at the cemetery.

Jason said...

How is the Texas law actually written? Luckily, here in Oregon, the law was written before we had to many Californians and liberals move in. It is legal to conceal carry with a permit at any school and there is nothing the school can do about it. UofO has tried a few times to ban conceal carry but have lost all of the lawsuits brought against them. Our law specifically states that the only body that can change the law is the state legislators through passing a law.

This kind of thing always has me worrying, especially since my daughter wants to go to Hawaii for college. Even now I would feel better if she went to school with the very small, thin SOG pocket knife but somehow I raised her to be too good and honest. Hopefully when she does go to college, no matter where, she will carry. I keep telling her its only cheating if you are caught.

Liberals ruin everything and I wish we could start trying them for the various degrees of treason that they are guilty of.

Stuart Garfath. Sydney Australia. said...

Situational awareness, heads up, looking and listening, being proactive, being mentally prepared to react INSTANTLY to any situation, these, and much more, are all the things that must be learnt, practiced, and kept at the ready.
Which is the exact opposite of what is happening to the greater percentage of todays citizens, particularly those under the age of 30-ish.
They are generally just cruising along, headphones in ears, face down into a screen, they are, as the saying goes, 'going along, fat, dumb and happy'.
As Granny said, here in Australia this liberal shit is permeating our social mindset, programming people, that it is not for them to do anything, the lawmakers, the judiciary and the LEO's will do it all for you.
If you DO something, then the full weight of the system will fall on your shoulders, not because you DID something, but because you ignored US, and so you will be punished.
Welcome to Australia people, consider this your first warning.

Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to thank you for the clarity of this post. I have an academically gifted High School Senior who has automatic admission to all Texas State Universities and who has been the subject of unsolicited recruitment from the Ivy League.

His dream was to attend the Chemical Engineering School at The University of Texas at Austin and he was surprised to find that they did not let him in to that degree program. When I asked some the UT Alum I work with and respect what was going on they said “the answer would just piss you off”. He simply does not meet their so called “diversity” requirements.

Undeterred as usual he immediately pivoted to Texas A&M College Station and is planning on taking his Colt .45 Auto with him. (Sorry about not picking Tech – it was on his list though).
Two other things about my son:

- His .45 is a real Colt that he saved up his own money for and purchased at the Cabela’s gun library based on his theory that you only really need one handgun.

- Bringing young ladies into the shooting sports has become a hobby with him. For example, we took one girl (about 100 lbs) to the range who had never fired a weapon and coached her all the way from a Henry .22, through how to use an AR-15. We finished up teaching her how to handle the recoil of the Marlin .45-70 Guide Gun using Buffalo Bore Ammo. We sent her home with an empty .45-70 shell. Watching these young ladies light up when they realize they can handle serious weapons has been the best thing I’ve seen in a lifetime of shooting.

I hope the family and friends of Haruka can eventually come to some kind of peace and I would remind University Students everywhere that you yourself are responsible for your own safety.

Robert Fowler said...

I passed this along. Good rant.

Joe mama said...

Check this out:

Seems there is never enough blood for "Gun-Free UT" to dance in.

Anonymous said...

to Anon with the son going to TAMU...GIG EM! The young man is going where he belongs philosophically....if he had gotten in the fine institution in Austin, he probably would have had run into more libs than he would have liked. He and his colt will both be welcome in College Station.

vaquero viejo (class of '72)