Sunday, August 18, 2013

An epic battle

Found on a closed road in Glacier National Park:
mountain goat and cougar fell to their deaths following an epic struggle
Click the link for the up-close, detailed shots.
My favorite: No regrets.


Xenolith said...

No regrets should be the goal of all creatures, human or not. Every living being will die, the prize is to have experienced LIFE.

Anonymous said...

WOW just WOW!!! ---Ray

Volfram said...

So... dinner, then?

The core of the horn sitting out there all bloody gave me phantom pain and I don't even HAVE horns!(despite what many Liberals, Atheists, and gun control nuts would have you think.)

Wind River Ranger said...

In her typical understated style, our beloved Angel failed to post that her blog passed 500,000 hits yesterday.

Well done. Congrats from the wilds of the Wyoming Winds.

CountryRebel said...

thats just insane.