Friday, August 23, 2013

Because I really, really, really need to smile

California Zombies.


Don MaC said...

Try watching Shiro or Maru (cats) on youtube. Nothing like kitties to make you smile

jesse in DC said...

What IS that? Satan the cat?

Volfram said...

I'm on the fence as to whether humorous or motivational quotes would be better right now. My archive doesn't really have any that are both and also applicable.

I did just play a game(Hate Plus, sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story) with a setting remarkably similar to our current state of affairs. A political council, led by a buffoon and his loathsome wife, assembling powers to themselves with designs to visit oppression on the very citizens who they exist to protect and serve.

Anonymous said...

There really are no words to describe that cat other than wow! I snorted over those pics though. Thanks!