Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two good reads

There were inquiries about the Vietnam book I just finished. So I wanted to post the link here, and then Brock Townsend also recommended one (HERE).

The book "The Ether Zone: U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment B-52, Project Delta" was recommended to me by wirecutter after we found out that I had been wearing a MIA/POW bracelet of a soldier who served in the same group as his soldier, MSG Shriver. As a matter of fact, MSG Charles Newton and Shriver went MIA within a week of each other (Newton, 17April69; Shriver, 24April69). MSG Newton's remains were identified in August 2010 and laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery on 5 October 2011. That was the day I retired my bracelet.

This book details both MSG Newton's and MSG Shriver's final battles, as well as the history of the group's creation and their battles through the Vietnam War. I can highly recommend it.

And I've just downloaded "Ripcord", so the next summer fluff book will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

Finally I have something to contribute. Here would be three of my top recommendations. All different, but all with the real flavor and smell. The first is a novel, but by a Marine who fought there.
The other two are histories by participants.


hiswiserangel said...

Rurik, you always have something good to contribute, but thanks for adding to my growing Amazon addiction.

Robert Fowler said...

Chickenhawk by Robert Mason. A great look at the air war.

Brock Townsend said...


One of the best for sure. Couldn't get into "Matterhorn" as I was in the middle of Kontum: The Battle to Save South Vietnam and could not reconcile reading fiction, although I knew the author was a Vietnam veteran and had written it over a 30 year period.

indyjonesouthere said...

If I could recommend a book to anyone interested in the Viet Nam war I think I would start with "Stolen Valor" by Burkett.

Brock Townsend said...

"Stolen Valor

Yes and reminds me of a few more: A Decent Interval, About Face and A Bright Shining Lie.

wirecutter said...

C'mon folks, give me something I haven't read.

God bless our war Vets, alive and dead. They are the reason we're the greatest Nation on earth.

Brock Townsend said...

:) I'm not at Dixieland to check out my book shelves, but I remembered

The Boys of '67 and Steel My Soldiers' Hearts. Probably read them but here's one you may have not:

"The Rescue of River City"

hiswiserangel said...

And now it's turned into "Stump Wirecutter". :-)