Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I don't live in the city

We have the same problem on Broadway and Elida.
The only four-way stop sign in town; actually the only stop signs in town.
And everybody too polite to go first, or too old to remember to go after stopping.


Anonymous said...

There's absolutely no way I could deal with that shit. I've lived in the country almost my whole life, if there's more than 5 cars on the road at the same time I start getting antsy. Working in Greensboro, it takes me an hour every morning for my nerves to calm down after I get to work and at least 5 beers after I get home.

AbbyS said...

I work in downtown Pittsburgh PA. Drive in from a small burg and looking to move to an even smaller burg, eventually. Eh, its just traffic. When I was just learning how to drive, 3 cars behind a tractor going down the road was a major traffic jam!!!

Jason said...

Here in Dayton, Nevada we have similar issues except nobody is polite and the old people run our asses of the road. At least half the population in the last ten years have migrated from California & brought with them their filthy, shitty habits and lifestyles. Oh, and the stupid. Did I mention the stupid? Yeah, they brought stupid here. But I'm not bitter.

Lord I can't wait until rabbit season.

RabidAlien said...

I see the .gov is now controlling the intersections.

wirecutter said...

Jason: That's the reason I stay the hell off major highways here.
I also carry a gun, a sledgehammer and ball bearings for that reason.

Jason said...

Ouch Ken!! I didn't mean you.