Friday, August 16, 2013

Daily Prepper Tip: How to Dehydrate and Store Potatoes

If y'all are like me, you absolutely HATE potato flakes you get in the store. I have tried just about every brand, tried every trick in my culinary book to make them taste like anything other than wallpaper paste. I tried this last weekend, quick easy, and I used some last night to make mashed potatoes. Guess what, folks, they tasted like MASHED POTATOES!!!!!

I know the pic has the spuds in a canning jar and we all know that's not realistic. I used my vacuum sealer for the flakes, and did a bit with the slices. Kind of crushed the slices a little, I'll be playing with that some.


Robert Fowler said...

We use a Excaliber dehydrator. They are way better than those round ones you get at Wally World. The last thing run through ours was plumb slurry to make fruit leather for the kids. She's done potatos, bananas and all kinds of other stuff.

She just did some plumb jelly that is sooooo gooood. Now we're waiting for the grapes to come in. She will turn some of them into jelly and I'll keep some for juice. Add some sugar and yeast.....

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda thinking when the time comes, a lot of us will be happy with the wallpaper paste. May not taste the best but it will be a hot meal.

Personally, I kind of like the instant potatoes. A little extra milk, lots of salt and butter and they're a helluva lot easier to fix than real mashed potatoes.

idahobob said...

Well actually, the jars are correct. You can attach your vacuum sealer to them and vacuum seal whatever you want.

We do.